Wednesday, 24 August 2011


As part of my preparation for heading back to school in September, I have been asked to choose and investigate an era for my Textiles coursework project. This for me is hardly a chore but I have been putting it off unable to decide on the many golden era's. I have finally decided to study the 1930's, I have always been in adoration of 30's style and fashion and that has not ceased in this 'investigation'. I also chose the era due to already knowing a little about the decade, with the Great Depression and the onset of World War Two, the decade isn't exactly the cheeriest but by far very interesting. I have spent hours researching today, exploring the wide world web for 'decorative images'. I thought I would share some with the blog world.

This is a still from new film about Wallace Simpson, which I knew nothing of but am looking forward to in anticipation. Another bonus in my 'investigation'. 

The real Wallace Simpson with King Edward VIII. The scandalous love affair fascinates me...

Swimwear of the 1930's, winter holidays abroad became very fashionable in the 1930's

This sewing pattern claims to make Gay Washable Frocks, a phrase I absolutely love. With the Great Depression meaning fewer clothes, the sewing pattern is a logical choice to make.

A few days ago I also watched BBC film Glorious 39, the most horrific film I have seen in a long time. Set in the beautiful English countryside, the film told of a conspiracy developed to avoid war with Germany, leading to mysterious deaths. The family who were involved heavily with the conspiracy, failed to include their adopted daughter in their activities. The film tells how adopted daughter, Romola Garai gradually becomes aware of their involvement in the deaths of her friends, co-workers and lovers. The film becomes a story of escaping the frightening family. Not my normal cup to tea but the costumes were fantastic...

I have also been looking into architecture of the time...

Southgate Tube Station in London designed by Charles Holden.

My investigation will continue much longer I am sure. i am very much looking forward to starting up in September.

On another wish me luck for getting results tomorrow - eek! 

Photography in this blog are for inspirational reasons only...

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