Thursday, 11 August 2011


I am posting to share a recent discovery of mine, though these shorts technically became a part of my wardrobe a few years ago, I have only just realised their true potential. These fabulous shorts, originally belonged to my Aunt Lisa, on a visit to her house where the weather forecasted rain and thunder storms we were actually greeted with a freak heatwave. Typical of this climate we have! So I had unfortunately packed for the cold, and with a weekend of picnics and sunbathing ahead, Lisa insisted I raid her closet for something a little more Summery. I came across these which were a little generous but I casually paired them with my oversized "I Love NY" t-shirt. I have restyled the shorts below...

So a few years later and a few fashion phases wiser, I came across the shorts again when packing for the family trip to Malaysia. During the holiday they turned to be extremely versatile, I managed to pair them with almost anything. They also allowed me to pound the pavement without to much discomfort.

I have rampaged through Jian Wei's holiday snaps for the few times they were captured whilst away.

I have researched the brand O'JOES, but have only come across a few sold items on Ebay, I cant seem to find anything of the company and if it still exists. Maybe someone out there could help solve the mystery.

So my red O'JOES are now one of my key summer items. They also taught me to pack for the unexpected!

Styled photo's curtesy of my mother Debra Burgess-Lim.

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