Friday, 12 August 2011

The Retro Look

Whilst still unpacking boxes at the fairly new house, I came across a box of photos which revealed a very stylish younger me. I love looking through old family albums but some of these have actually inspired me a little for my wardrobe. I owe my adorable photos to my stylist at the time - my mother...

 I am in love with this knitted jumper from all those years ago. 

A photo taken from a trip to Malaysia in 1997, I can only hope the substance being eaten is not DURIAN, the King of the Fruit apparently. Love the sailor chic of my younger self...

This printed playsuit is so adorable, I love the embroidery detail at the top. 

With two older brothers seaside outfits became of utility rather than look. Love this striped swimsuit with shorts. The backwards cap style gives me a little hard edge I suppose.

I love the rag-in-hair look, a trend which was popular at the time because in another photo my mother is wearing the same rag in hers...

My velvet outfit is so adorable but may have contributed to my irritation I have now when I touch it.

Have a great weekend everybody...


  1. you were a cute kid! hehehe
    loved your hair.

    following you now <3


  2. What a fun post, I love this :) xo

  3. Such a good idea for a post and what a treat to scroll through all of these ADORABLE images of you - the cutest little thing in the whole world. enjoying your blog very much indeed. xxx