Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I Love London

I have been visiting my brother Jian Wei and his girlfriend Dulcie, for a few days in their fairly new home in Ealing. Jian Wei, my mother and I headed into London today to visit the Tate Modern to see the Richter exhibition, which was fantastic, with such a range of skills and ideas. Along the way I captured as much of London as possible...

A lovely autumnal day, I cherish these days before the bitter and cold set in.

Later we met up with Dulcie at Somerset House for coffee and cake, where I hope to spy on London Fashion Week until I am so honourably invited to see it! 

A lovely day in and around London, hopefully more to come...


  1. thankyou for the lovely comment. i love london! seems like you had a fantastic time :)


  2. good lord, london is beautiful. i've never been but have desperately wanted to go for so many years...!
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