Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Festive Wish List

Although it is still November and a little early to be getting festive, here in little Melbourne we get the festivities kicked off nice and early! Tomorrow is the Victorian Christmas Shopping Event, 'tis the night of the season, I cant wait as to be honest I am not a fan of Winter - as much as I like wearing coats and jumpers I cant bear being cold and find myself uninspired by grey skies. In order to avoid the despair of the Winter I like to get festive....

Now I have a little money heading in I cant wait to get some lovely gifts for all my loved ones from all the brilliant shops in Melbourne. The present giving is my favourite part of Christmas alongside wrapping in front of a good Christmas film! This is my little wish list with a few extravagant dreams....

Jules Atelier

Jeneric Vintage

I really like these glasses and I have decided to make the most of my short sightedness and make my specs my key accessory, this is the last year where I can claim money back for designer specs so I am thinking a slightly rounder frame this time. Eyes will be checked this weekend and I'm betting my eyes are even more out of focus...

Great Vintage Stuff

In love with all these vintage pieces and think I may splash out this year on Etsy as I have yet to splurge on something truly wonderful from there. It wont be too difficult to choose something as everything on there is amazing. 

Although I would love to have a beautiful red mini John Lewis Sewing Machine I must be practical and get a Sewing Machine which I can invest in. I have gone too long without one and whilst my hand stitching improves vastly this dream will be realised, hopefully... However due to the extortionate prices I think it will be best to try and repair my much loved old one passed down through a couple of generations.

Merry Christmas everyone - only one month to go :)

Ps. I will also be combining my 'Handmade by Little Miss Maisy' blog to this blog in order to decrease my blogging mayhem, it will feature here once a week - hopefully x

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