Friday, 25 November 2011

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

Last night was the Melbourne Christmas Shopping event, and for all the little cultural events to come out of Melbourne it was by far the best. The streets were jam packed full of people enjoying all the festivities. The night began with a candle lit procession by the children of Melbourne Junior and Infant School which I accidentally got caught up as I helped our friends shine through the hoards of people.

Surrounding the beautiful christmas tree and the market place were little stalls selling hot food to delicious hot chocolate, even Santa was there. Meanwhile all the shops in Melbourne opened their doors for a shopping extravaganza, with so many people I had to leave the Christmas shopping to another day.

What really picked up my evening was finding this little treasure which will now be wrapped and put under our little tree, when we put it up that is. I came across this little sewing case in the little haberdashery/treasure trove shop called Pooka. It is truly amazing and has been put together with such care, all the things I could possibly want or need - even dressmakers chalk! I also love the print inside which is so festive.

I am now feeling so festive and cant wait for Christmas, looking forward to this event next year...


  1. Aww cute photos-i wanna go to a christmas market to get in to the spirit!

  2. such cute and creative pics! love your blog:)


  3. great imagery.. really festive and so well shot.....