Monday, 30 January 2012


1. View of the Mill Cottage
2. Melbourne Pool walk
3. Swans on the lake 
4. Melbourne Pool and Pool Cottage
5. Milly
6. Chicken stir-fry

Some photos from the weekend, where we headed down to Melbourne Pool to give Milly a nice scenic walk as oppose to the quick strolls around the houses that she has to put up with during the week. It was a lovely (slightly cold) Winter's day and the lake looked lovely. This photo of Milly is her attempts to distract me from my school work so she can have someone to play with, unfortunately I can't resist her puppy eyes - though she is far from a puppy. This was my stir-fry that we had on Saturday which was delicious, though there were quite a few steps to get it done. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend too. 


  1. beautiful photos! that looks like such a nice pond..& the house on the other side is gorgeous