Sunday, 1 January 2012

My Beautiful Gifts

After a Christmas season spent up and down the country it is nice to arrive back home and ignite a little more love for my beautiful presents from my loved ones. I am in love with the additions to my sewing gadgets with a set of stitch counters and a new sewing box, I am easily pleased...

My brand new golden clutch bag which is absolutely gorgeous 

A collection of sewing goods in a beautiful jar with a lovely motif of a bird and I can't wait to utilise all the little bits and bobs 

This year I also received a pandora bracelet for both Christmas and doing well in my GCSE's. I have always liked the pandora bracelets, although I still cherish my old fashioned charm bracelet I like the style of the patterned beads. 

My brand new Christmas jumper which I purchased on the Portobello Market yesterday

This is my new sewing case which I blogged about earlier in this festive season as it was one of the little presents I knew about and it is still magnificent. 

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas this year and I personally looking forward to a new year and 2012 looks like it might be a good one... 


  1. Happy New Year little miss maisy! I love that sewing box how magical love Amie & Orla x
    p.s Take a look at my flickr photos {orla was flying at the beach today!}

  2. Love the gold bag ... you have photographed it beautifully