Friday, 17 February 2012

Faux Fur + Foxes + Frames

glasses - Hackett
jumper - Next 
boots - River Island (old)
coat - Next (January Sales)
hat - my textiles final piece

Despite planning to go for a walk around Melbourne Hall, my mountain of coursework overloaded my day, therefore it was a quick stroll around the houses for Milly and I. As you can tell she is not fond of posing for her photograph - much more interested in the outside world. Although on the negative side I am extremely short-sighted on the positive every now and then I am allowed to splurge on new gorgeous frames. I recently managed to pick up my new glasses by Hackett, I was keen to find a pair which were a bit more round than my other pair and these certainly fit the bill. My coat, which I ordered from the online sale in December only recently arrived though I think it made it even more desirable having to wait for so long to receive it. I am in love with the faux fur collar/stole, and even better it is detachable which means I will hopefully be able to glam up the rest of my wardrobe. I was lucky enough to see this coat at full price and manage to purchase it in the sales for half price at £30, which makes me even more gleeful. 

I have also included a little picture of my final piece for project 1, it is a pillbox hat based upon the theme of the 1930's, the fox motif progressed from my study of a fox stole lent to me from family friend Ida who told me that she wore the stole for the most important functions. The hat has been a bit of a mission to make, despite the best laid plans, there were a few hiccoughs along the way. It took forever to bead all the fox fur on, and on the top there is hand embroidery which took a long time too. My favourite part is the netting, probably because it took the least time, but I do love machine embroidery. After a busy week doing far too much work for half term break I am settling down to Friday night TV starting off with an hour of Downton Abbey from the series DVD. Happy weekend everybody!

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