Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Snow Capped Melbourne

coat - river island
jumper - portobello road market 
corduroy trousers - next 

On Saturday night the snow hit our little village and most of the country with it. It snowed constantly all evening making sitting by the fire a little bit more magical. We embraced the snow by taking dog, Milly for a very long walk around the village (for 2 hours), though seeing the pool iced over was definitely worth it. The only down side to all this snow is that I live on the top of a very steep hill and trying to rush down it tomorrow to catch the bus is going to be a little scary - wish me luck...

I have now begun my exam art project which will be based on the title 'Shine' I have decided to study dramatic lighting and shadowing - what do you think?

photography by Debra Jayne

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  1. Such adorable pictures, I really love your hair at this length and I hope the project goes well, the striped lighting is really cool :) xxxxxx