Monday, 19 March 2012

4 Days...

T-shirt - River Island
Skirt - River Island 
Necklace - Acessorize

Today was one of those unexpectedly sunny days where I braved to leave my coat at home and by the afternoon was casually strolling around without a blazer. I have been meaning to blog about this outfit which cleverly falls under my uniform requirements of black/grey/white business wear. Although I do have to admit to wearing the occasional navy.

With our move to a bigger house around the corner (literally) well under way I found myself to be less stressed and in a jolly mood. This is probably due to only having three lessons today which makes my Monday a whole lot more bearable. Tomorrow  I am signing onto the UCAS system at school and I have been sending for prospectives from all over the place. It's early days but the CCW course sounds appealing.

As it is 4 days until my birthday I treated myself to an ELLE subscription, on special offer - a year's worth for £15 which means I will be getting an ELLE mag every month for £1.19. All of which makes me very happy..

Ps. I am also excited at the length of my hair as back in September I had a bob. I love how quickly my hair grows!

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  1. I so love your hair this length, it's gorgeous :) Jian Wei and I popped some pressies in the post for you today :) xxxxx