Thursday, 12 April 2012


lottie pleated skirt and cecile stripe skirt

I recently purchased a subscription to ELLE for £15 as a birthday bargain treat, and with this month's instalment I received a £15 gift card to shop as Whistles. I have not really shopped at Whistles before so I went to check out there online store to see what I might be able to add to my ever growing wardrobe. There are some stunning pieces, however I soon realised my gift card wasn't really going to stretch that far. I particularly liked these two pleated skirts, I love pleats at the moment I think they are so soft and pretty. I especially love the colours of these two - very delicate. 

This bracelet and belt also caught my eye. Anyone else come across a new store they love?

dorena belt and rana double cube bracelet

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  1. I love Whistles too but you're right, it is a little out of our current price ranges. However, I do propose a plan - work there! And I love pleats too, the blue one you have featured is something that caught my eye when i was last in their store and the colour is so delicate.

    In other news, I love your new blog header! It looks amazing :) xxx