Monday, 28 May 2012

Kingfisher Blue

Today a little parcel arrived for me! I recently made use of my 20% discount from ELLE for Oasis and today it arrived on my doorstop. I really like the collection in the shop but this particular print stood out for me. I love the sheer collar poking through and the two-tone print. I am not really a fan of peplums usually, but this little suggestion of one was a little more playful and subtle. I cant wait to wear this in the summer weather. I was also pleasantly surprised by the packaging, its definitely the added attention to detail that makes a shopping experience worthwhile. 


  1. such a gorgeous print :) xo

  2. this is so gorgeous! something about this particular bird print makes it look like such an elegant and special piece <3

    1. I think its the detail of the print which makes that little bit special x

  3. The dress is just lovely! The fabric itself really enhances the print - you chose well :)
    Care to return the follow please?