Saturday, 23 June 2012

Art and Textiles Exhibition

Me in my art exhibition the coursework is on the left and the exam is on the right


My art coursework - a study of youth and age

One of my coursework final pieces - a pencil study of my Ah Kong (Grand father) which took me a grand total of 27 hours

My exam final piece - a self portrait study of interesting lighting (which took 5 hours)

My textiles exam project - Mosaics. Most of my images where from my trip to Barcelona 

My exam final piece - a textile panel of a stain glass motif filled in with inks and then embellished with confetti applique and free machine embroidery and with an hour of my exam left I did some reverse applique! 

One of my coursework projects - Malaysia. Studying my visit to see Ah Mah and Ah Kong. I made a triptych textile panel of Malaysia maps. 

The top one - free machine embroidery on vanishing muslin, hand stitched onto screen printed holiday journal, with embroidered Malaysia to create a Textile map. This one is mounted onto a green material to emphasise the jungles of Penang Hill. 

The middle one - A canvas work map using fabric and tapestry yarn to create another textile map. This one is mounted onto red to emphasise the Buddhist temples and China Town. 

The bottom one - Hand embroidery patronas towers and palm tree islands mounted onto the screen printed journal of before, with hand embroidered 'Malaysia'. Mounted onto blue to emphasise the futuristic style of Kuala Lumpur. 

The second coursework project - 1930's where I made a pillbox hat making use of the fox images taken from my 30's stole! 

What I wore (doubling as evening outfit and school uniform)

blazer - Zara // top - River Island // Skirt - Matalan // Shoes - Next 

On Friday the Chellaston Academy art and technology exhibition opened, after a hectic couple of weeks getting it all sorted and a few mishaps along the way I was excited to see the final show! It was great to snoop around the A2 textiles section too to see what the expectations are for next year. Sorry for the vast amount of photo's it was a little tricky to get it all in one! 


  1. Maisy your work looks amazing! You are so talented :) You must be so proud of all that hard work now being on display! You look lovely too, I really like the waterfall hemline on your skirt :) xxxxxxx

  2. Jeeeeeeeeez, you are incredible at art! You are going to get an A* overall for sure. The self portrait is excellent, you're really skilled with pencils. And your wall-hanging is just great (something I'd easily hang in my living room!)

    And yes, that would actually be awesome! No one else in my whole college wants to do the same thing, so it's just lovely to find someone. We'd be keen beans at St. Martins!