Monday, 25 June 2012

Faded Blue

blouse - Marks and Spencer // jeans - Marks and Spencer // Shoes - Yachtsman (from local village shoe shop) 

I spotted these dip-dye jeans in M&S a couple of weeks ago and fell in love, when I returned to get them on Saturday I couldn't find them for ages but luckily I managed to find these beauty's on a discarded rail and quickly snapped them up. Truth be told I was supposed to walk out with the jeans alone but instead I drooled over this blouse until I decided it just wouldn't make sense to buy one without the other! These are perfect for when I need something slightly more inspiring than 'casual'. 


  1. The jeans are gorgeous! I've seen loads of designer faded denim pieces and they just haven't taken my fancy. These however are so nice. You take such good pictures aswell. I really need to shop in M&S more often!

  2. I can't believe the jeans are M and S! They look very 'high end'. I am sure that there's loads you will be able to do with them. And the top is lovely too, I love that simple chambray fabric :) xxx

  3. I love the faded jeans. The colors are great.
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