Monday, 4 June 2012

Fun on Pentney Lakes


bracing the waves with eyes tightly scrunched! 

bouncing out of the water and Shen Wei flying through the air - no wonder they are screaming! 

shen wei cruising like the cool dude that he is! 

Lucy not so sure of this...

Could those screams be any louder...

Brother and sister giggling away at one another...

Today I was elected photographer to capture these two, my younger half sister and brother, mucking about on the lake. I believe the thing they are desperately clinging onto is called a 'dingo' but as I am informed of this information from an excitable 8 year-old so I am doubtful of the source.

The day did look a little miserable before they set off but the sun eventually poked through the grey clouds making it an enjoyable morning from the boat as well! It has been lovely catching up with Lucy and Shen Wei, but they are tiring me out a little - I am running out of energy to create new, fun and exciting games - help!!

The photo's turned out great and these are only a handful of what I got, I was in hysterics to see some of their concerned and not so keen faces, but they ended the session with smiles and laughter so I am guessing they had fun despite temporary moments of fear. I particularly like the photos of them screaming their heads off!

My ten-year-old half sister lucy (Lui Sim).

My cheeky 8-year-old half brother Shen Wei (commonly called 'shenners' by me hehe) 

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