Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I do like to be beside the seaside...

For my A2 textiles personal project I have decided to explore my holidays spent in Britain along the coast. Although at the moment the chance of sun seems impossible these photos I have dug out from the photo albums have reminded me that it does come to visit rainy England once in a while. Anyway these will hopefully form my visual recording part of my project, but I also want to get some photos of some Brighton Rock and some Mr Whippy Ice cream even if it is just to eat up the summer treats...

Can you believe these beautiful blue seas can be enjoyed in Cornwall! Both taken in Port Gaverne, Cornwall. 

The classic british coastal view of the pier. This is the 'new' Brighton Pier taken a few years ago.

Family friends playing on the shores of Snettisham beach.

The colours and stripes of deck chairs and beach huts will shape my project I'm sure.

I have definitely enjoyed my fair share of beaches...

Some fishing boats spotted at Port Gaverne, I have had a little play with adobe and I like the effect of this as it makes it look like a post card! 

I have had a bit of a manic week as on Monday I reluctantly returned to school, although I am excited for new projects and new books the early mornings are killing me! So bear with me while I settle back into routine and find time for blogging. 

I am really excited for this project, I think all the colours will lead to a great final piece. I love starting new projects and this one has to last until February so lets hope I don't get bored of it! At school it is exhibition time so I am madly painting my area and frantically putting up my work but I cant wait to have a look at all the work as every year the exhibition is fantastic! Its also the rather tricky time of selecting uni's and organising personal statements, too many important decisions is scaring me a little! At least I have these photo's to enjoy the nostalgia of summer memories. 

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  1. Wow, all your pictures are really excellent! So crisp and professional. I start A2 Textiles next week, so hyped to find out what my project is on! And I know what you mean about sorting out routines, can be tricky!