Wednesday, 20 June 2012


As promised I am sharing all the stunning work that I saw at the Central St Martins degree show. As a textile student and fashion lover I managed to collect all the postcards/business cards from there so this is a little biased on the textile side of things!

First the MA: Textile Design exhibition. The brief was 'Textile Futures' these are a few that caught my eye.

Dahea Sun - Rain Palette
"Rain Palette aims to provide an easy and poetic approach to visualising air quality through rainwater."

Dahea Sun's collection studies the effect of rain on fabric. From the little demonstration she gave in my basic science terms the Ph balance in rain is able to change the colour of the fabric creating outfits which literally change depending on the rain. What made the work so luxuriously beautiful was the attention to detail in the design applying these fabric in little rain drop shapes or cut-outs. My favourite piece is the little rain coat made of clear plastic but has small rain drops sewn onto it - I think it is the perfect collection for British weather almost making me want it to rain! 

All of her work and photo's can be found here: Dahea Sun 

Cindy Wang - Material Symphony 
"Sound is the sense with the strongest evocative power and a considerable emotional trigger"

(technology has failed me again so please excuse this mobile phone capture from the catalogue) 

Cindy Wang's collection contains pieces which combine sound to textiles to create a "third sonic dimension" to fashion and textiles. This particular dress is a simple shift dress in shape but the bodice is completely covered in these very delicate shapes which when the body moves creates sounds which reminded me of waves crashing onto the shore. The skirt of the dress is another fabric creating sound, a thin paper like material which again contributes to the sounds of the piece. 

Lingdi Lin - Blooming Body 

"My project aims to combine human body movement with the experimentation and manipulation of different transformative materials"

Landgi Lin's collection studied another area yet to be explored in fashion and textiles. The collection combined sleek elegance with textiles technique. In basic terms the fabric when dragged or moved from side to side elevates the (in this case chevrons) from the body to create a subtle movement in the clothing. The samples on display each created new shapes with every tug, stretch and pull. The subtle shine of the moving fabrics caught my eye in the exhibition and whilst meeting the brief of "Textile Futures" the collection remains desirable and elegant. 

I then moved onto the BA: Textile design exhibition where the specialisms are Weave, Print or Knit.

Alix Massieux - Peter Pan Syndrome

Alix Massieux's specialism is weave and she created a small collection of dresses which are created with vibrant jacquard weaves which were then embellished beautifully with beading and sequins. In the photo above my favourite jacquard weave is of the little peter pans. A collection aimed at exploring escapism into childhood and nostalgia. This collection made me want to do a lot more weaving and experiment on a proper loom but that dream will have to wait I think! 

Rebecca Lefevre - The Comfort of Objects 

Another collection of weaving, again making use of jacquards to drool over! The colours of this collection are stunning, however in all the hustle and bustle of the thousands of collections to see I seem to have forgotten the message/brief behind this collection. 

You would think after 6 hours at the exhibition I would have managed to see it all but the truth is I saw the Fine art, Textile design and Fashion design exhibitions but missed the rest. I really enjoyed sitting in the college with lunch celebrating my brother's achievements. The exhibition is well worth a visit, there is so much for everyone to enjoy! 

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  1. wow, looks like an amazing exhibition! I'm always amazed with incredible textiles, these are truly to die for. The b/w picture is insane!! love it :) great post!