Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Kite Runner

A film still from The Kite Runner, perfectly capturing the friendship between Hassan and Amir.

I returned to school on Monday with the tricky decision ahead of me of what subject to drop next year between English Literature and Spanish. Both subjects are demanding but interesting so the next four weeks will hopefully help me decide (and my grade will have a say on the matter). Anyway on Monday we started English Lit A2 and we are studying The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, I have already seen the film which normally means I find it hard to get stuck into the book but actually the narrative and style is really gripping and I am enjoying all the added symbolism that comes with a novel. The novel tells the story of a friendship between young boy Amir and his friend but also servant Hassan. It is a beautiful story set against the backdrop of a war torn Afghanistan in the 1970's. I will worn any future watchers of the film and future readers of the book that it is tragic and by far one of the most upsetting films I have seen. Just to prove this point the cover of my book reads 'Devastating' Daily Telegraph. What has interested me about the early chapters is how Afghanistan is described with such beauty and tranquility which makes the arrival of bombs and terror all the more devastating (this is the point I have got to and it is killing me not to read on until the end of the novel). Anyway thats my little recommendation for the day - I will let you know how the rest of the novel plays out! 


  1. I remember reading this book a long time ago! I loved it! <3

  2. Hiw funny, I think we're doing the same A levels (Lit, Textiles and Art, right?) except I do Business instead of Spanish. The Kite Runner is a really rare novel, and despite its blunt sadness and honesty, it's beautifully written as you said.