Friday, 1 June 2012

Shirt Dresses

blue dot smock dress - River Island £20 (reduced to £15 due to small stain)
black and white dip hem shirt dress - River Island £30

Yesterday, I very naughtily splurged at the shops. The black and white dip hem shirt dress is intended for school as if the summer sun returns I need something cooler to wear as school is unbearable in the sun! I love the print almost stripes of various patterns. The collar keeps it smart but the elastic waste keeps it comfy - the perfect combination for my school uniform ;) I also love this softer version of the dip hem trend, I originally did not warm to the harsh mullet dresses but this softer flowing dip hem is gentle and more feminine. I have also forgotten to photograph the peep through geometric cut back, (which can make it a little tricky to get on - I have already got trapped within the dress hehe). 

The blue smock dress was a lucky find, it had been reduced to £15 due to a small stain but as it is located on the reverse of the buttons it is almost invisible! It is a casual summer smock which will be great for chucking on over my swim suit but with the right accessories can be dressed up for cocktails (can you tell I am a little excited about my holiday to Crete). 

I also bought a dip hem line skirt for school too which I will try and include in an outfit post as soon as the sun pokes through the dreary english clouds. So after all my splurging I will be returning to avoiding the shops and the online offers.

This weekend/half term, I am visiting my father and little half brother and half sister, so look forward to some family photos. I am also meeting up with an old friend and I am so elated to be finally catching up with her :)

Happy weekend everyone!