Friday, 8 June 2012

This Week

Monday saw an eventful day on the lake 
Tuesday saw dancing in the Norfolk sunshine with my little sister
Wednesday saw a long-overdue catch up with my friend from high school, after what seems like the shortest year apart we finally got together in a lovely cafe called Florence's. In all the chaos of chatting I forgot to take photo's of us and the gorgeous lunch we had. So adobe photoshop took care of this mobile snap! Actually we chatted so much I felt as though I was speaking a million miles an hour! Us girls can talk for a lifetime hehe.
Thursday saw comfort food and watching French Open all day, though this has been a factor over the past two weeks.
Friday saw (not that much) but I did get my hair cut, trimmed and layered and it feels lovely. 

I hope everyone else had a great monday to friday! I am hoping to make this into a feature on my blog, I have seen a few do a weekly photo update and I think it is a great way to reflect on what I get done (or don't get done as the case may be). So look forward to next week, back to school on Monday after a relaxing and enjoyable 3 weeks on 'study leave' with all my exams behind me. I chose my subjects well! 

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  1. This should definitely be a regular on your blog - I love it! You take such great photographs aswell. Your haircut looks lovely too, I think layers are the way forward this year!