Monday, 23 July 2012

Buxton Pavilion Garden's

a vintage postcard that I bought from a antique fair of the same view

On Saturday I visited Buxton to see the Great Dome art fair which was a collection of artists from Derbyshire showcasing their work. The location alone was stunning, making a great backdrop for such a variety of great work. After taking it all in we got a spot of lunch and then explored Buxton Pavilion Garden's. The orangery was a beautiful little jungle of plants and flowers. I especially love the palm trees. What made the scene all the more stunning was the live acoustic music session! We then enjoyed a nice Mr Whippy ice cream with a flake (which is no longer 99p - what has the world come to?).

By the way I am extremely happy that the jet stream has finally moved and given Britain sunshine :)


  1. Maisy it looks like you had a truly fabulous time! And I think you brought the sunshine back with you! Love the pictures of all the natural forms, great source of inspiration! And I adore your profile picture, you're so pretty!

  2. wow beautiful photos!! what a neat event :D