Monday, 16 July 2012

Crete: Elounda

the beach

the harbour 

lena apartments - where we stayed for the week

I have been back in England for three days now and I am missing the 40 degree heat so badly! Anyway, I don't want to dwell on the pouring miserable rain! It has taken me forever to get through the 5 memory cards worth of photographs that myself and my mother shot over the course of the holiday - you would think we had been there for 6 months. I decided to sort them thematically because the days seem to have blurred into one long week of bliss. 

The views around Crete are beautiful, where we were staying, in Elounda, we were surrounded by beautiful mountains. In particular the mountain range heading out of Elounda that were permanently in a haze were so stunning, unfortunately the camera couldn't quite capture its subtlety. The little sleepy town of Elounda has a stunning harbour full of fishing boats which make for great photography. We were also spoilt for choice with both a pool to swim in and the beach. However as it was incredibly windy we decided to stay by the pool. Not to mention the fact we saw the fish that are used for 'fish pedicure' and didn't quite fancy having our toes nibbled! 

More warm, sunny photo's to come for you to escape the misery that is the British Summer! 


  1. It all looks so gorgeous! You're so lucky, I am hating this 'worst summer for 100 years' here in England! My mum always uses up memory cards so quickly on taking random pictures of food, haha.