Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Crete: Polka Dot Pink

these braids were the only way to keep cool in the cretan sun 

swim suit - debenams // sunglasses - ray ban

This is by far my favourite swim suit and I wore it quite a bit against the beautiful backdrop of Crete. It has a vintage feel with the little modesty skirt at the front and the neckline is gorgeous. The strap can also be removed to avoid tan lines when sunbathing by the pool. Practical and pretty - what more can you ask for. The latter part of these shots were taken off the island of Spinalonga (blog post on its way), after trecking to the top of the island we needed a swim to cool down. The sea is so clear but a little rocky! 


  1. Such a cute swimsuit! I'm sure it'll get some use in malaysia this summer! :) xxxx