Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Crete: Spinalonga

the island of Spinalonga

the view of Crete the top of Spinalonga

If you are ever in Crete I strongly recommend visiting Spinalonga, we liked it so much we went twice. It is a small island that sits surrounded by mountains and has an interesting history. The island is most commonly known for its history as a leper colony and the island remains mostly unchanged from that era. You can opt for a guided tour but we prefer to explore the island away from hoards of people. It is also the "island" that is featured in Victoria Hislop's novel which the Cretans seem to proud about as it was being sold in most of the shops in Elounda. 

Other than its history it makes a beautiful backdrop for outfit posts (one on its way) and it has beautiful clear sea water to swim in after the gruelling rock climb to the top! We also took the film camera and I am so excited to see the results once we get the film developed. It seems like forever ago that I was enjoying my holiday in Crete - a week is just not long enough! 

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  1. ahhh, I've read that book and I've always wanted to go there! I worked in Crete for 5 months when I was younger and I can't believe I never visited! Another time maybe...

    Suzi x