Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hope Cottage Costume Museum

Just a few snaps from today's textile trip to the Hope Cottage Costume Museum. It is a little cottage outside of the small village of Hope in the peak district. The collection was beautiful from 1940's dig for victory range to edwardian wedding dresses. I was a little disappointed with the talk though as little detail was given to the clothes themselves, the talk centred more around who wore and owned them. Well worth a visit though as there is much to look at, the collection was accompanied with matching decorations such as a 1950's TV and photos and postcards matching the era. 

Off to my (much needed) holiday in Crete on Friday for a week so expect the blog to get a little quiet. You can look forward to many posts about my adventures in Elounda. I am so excited for warm weather this rain is dragging on a little, you would think us Brits are used to it by now, but non-stop rain since April is pushing the limits of my tolerance now!! Lets hope it stops soon otherwise this 'summer' is looking bleak! 

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