Friday, 14 September 2012

Top Places to See in Kuala Lumpur: Petaling Street

Petaling Street, central Kuala Lumpur

I am back home from my trip to Malaysia and I am settled back into the school term, which means its about time to get back to blogging! I have been lucky enough to spend two weeks in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Malaysia, where my grandfather (ah kong) lives. I have now compiled my 'little miss maisy' guide to kuala lumpur as there is a lot to see! I also ventured to Malacca, but more about that in another blog post...

the glass roof was decorated with red lanterns and flag bunting for merdeka day (independence day)

Of all the places to visit in Kuala Lumpur, I strongly recommend visiting Petaling Street which runs through the heart of china town. The majority of the streets are sheltered under a sculptured glass roof, creating an exciting busy atmosphere. Inside there is a market for everything, from bags and jewellery to crystallised ginger and dried prunes. The best time to visit for shopping is after 4pm as the amount of stalls double, making the streets even narrower but get ready to do some haggling! 

mee goreng - fried noodles 

kopi ais - iced coffee malaysian style

The few times that we visited china town we ate just outside petaling street as the prices are a little cheaper and the food is a little more authentic. A good place to eat is 'Johnny's Corner' for street food at restaurant standard! Also, it may not look like much but kopi ais is simply the most delicious and refreshing drink to enjoy in the humid heat of the city! 

view of hindu temple just outside petaling street

inside the hindu temple

Just a short walk away from petaling street are temples which welcome tourists to enjoy the beautiful sculptures and paintings of the hindu temples and the tapestries and candles of the buddhist temples. You are free to take photographs of the buildings as well as enjoy the peace and tranquility. 

beautiful incense aroma's surround the buddhist temple

just a couple of the candles which alight the buddhist temple 

as always I am spotting out the oriental embroidery, which may be a possible inspiration for new textile projects. 

Having been back for a week, and learning to deal with the wintery weather already, Malaysia seems worlds away. This weekend my village is hosting an arts and crafts festival and I have a certain Autumnal outfit that I am thinking of wearing - how are you all coping with the change from summer to autumn? 


  1. It looks as though you've had a fantastic holiday! I love the exploring different cultures and Kuala Lumpur is certainly somewhere I'd love to go! The cheapest food is usually always the best at market stalls.

  2. Great post maisy, seems like so long ago already! We are back in kota bharu after nine chilled out days on the beach and are looking forward to a few more days in KL before coming home! x