Thursday, 11 October 2012

Top Places to See in Kuala Lumpur: The KL Bird Park

My next instalment from the Malaysia series was truly an unexpected gem of a visit. Little did I know that in the heart of the city lay the worlds largest walk in bird aviary. It is probably the priciest of my top places to see but you could easily spend the whole day roaming in this little piece of the jungle. There is also a butterfly park, which I unfortunately did not get to see. I would recommend getting a taxi or a bus up to the park though as we underestimated just how exhausting it is to climb a steep hill in the height of the day's heat.

the first birds to welcome you into the aviary are these lovely parrots who seem to have a strong thresh hold with spice!

There is a parrot section to the park, which is inhabited by some of the most colourful and exotic species I have ever seen, including this friendly guy. 

The aviary is also adorned with loads of beautiful wildlife. This pink flower is amazing...

this peacock was very happy to show me all his lovely feathers

What made the trip even more amazing was just outside the park were the most adorable cluster of monkeys, in amongst them were two little baby monkeys who found all the attention rather intriguing.

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