Sunday, 7 October 2012

Top Places to See in Malaysia: Malacca

China Town, Malacca is beautiful and spans across the majority of Malacca in weaving narrow streets perfect for cycling through

there are many places where you can hire bicycles, ours were 10RM for the day (by 6:30) which is around £3. There simply is no better way to get around the small city...

These vintage O'Joes shorts are my favourite for the summer months, paired here with a simple breton. I love my new rucksack that I haggled off the Malaysian markets. The colours are fun and the size is perfect for a quick get-away. After cycling the streets on this little bike I have been lusting after a vintage city bike. 

We cycled throughout the city and out to the waterfront, which according to vintage postcards spotted in China Town was once an enjoyable beach however it has now declined behind fencing apart from a small gap where I took this little snap.

...or maybe a volkswagen beetle is the best way to travel

the entrance to China Town is adorned with a giant dragon sweeping through the sky

Malacca is worlds away from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur. The streets of China Town are quiet and peaceful with antique and souvenir shops to explore. There is a artists vibe in China Town with little galleries and studios. The influence of its Dutch and Portuguese heritage are obvious from the culture of cycling to the vibrant red brick. I stayed here for two nights which was just long enough to take in most of the city, but if you are a museum lover then I would stay a little longer as there are so many to explore. Malacca is definitely worth a visit and there are some great little restaurants in China Town that sell all the local treats from Pineapple tarts to chicken rice (both delicious). It is also a lot warmer here compared to the haziness of Kuala Lumpur making cycling the cooler and more enjoyable way to get around. 

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  1. Great post Maisy, and you are always one step ahead of me! haha. Btw, when you resize your pics make sure you tick 'constrain proportions' then it won't squash them :) xxx