Sunday, 14 October 2012

'Winter Weather Shock'

Winter has well and truly arrived (I don't think it ever left to be honest), and whilst others embrace the frost and the chilly air I am a bah humbug when it comes to cold weather. I always find myself hiding away under my thick duvet eating comfort food every evening. This bad case of winter weather shock has lead to a lack of interesting events to blog about. I have also been weighed down by school work and increasingly frightening university application forms, which I keep putting off. So thats all my pathetic excuses for not embracing the winter weather, you would think living in such a rainy cold country I would have gotten used to it by now! 

However my increasing hatred for this weather has been altered slightly by Orla Kiely's fantastic Autumn/Winter collection. I have to admit these pieces make me excited to wear burgundy's and plum purples. The moral is when the winter blues hit you, head onto Pinterest to get autumnal inspiration (I might add this can be done from the comfort of a toasty duvet with a hot coffee in hand).

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