Sunday, 30 December 2012

A Cornish Christmas

The day before heading to Cornwall, the radio news announced the four flood warnings in place and the urgent advice not to travel to the South West of England. Are we crazy to spend Christmas in a static caravan in Cornwall?

We were luckily not effected by the floods at all, it was a bit rainy but we managed to dodge the showers from pub to caravan. The week consisted of a lot of food (of course), board games, films, drinks in the local, laughter, music and rain. It also turned out we weren't the only crazy family in England as the static caravan was being rented over the New Year too. If you are heading to Cornwall, I would recommend the sleepy port of Port Isaac where you will find little shops, a friendly pub and little eateries including the best fudge shop I have ever been too. My Christmas jumper was worn for most of the festive season, I found it in a market on Portobello Road, Notting Hill last year and now look forward to wearing it every winter. 

Christmas morning breakfast mmmm 

some of the family squeezing into a group shot

eyeing up Christmas dinner

A few blog posts ago, when I went to Nottingham Castle I splurged out on this beauty a Cambridge Satchel Company 'Batchel'. I chose the 'batchel' in the classic and timeless red. For all these months it has been stored neatly in its dust bag on top of my mum's wardrobe and I finally received it as part of my Christmas present. I also received two new shiny amazing recipe books. I have already made a scrumptious caramel layer cake, which was so delicious I made it twice. My cousins and aunt kindly gave me a new purse in a lovely Cath Kidston print. One of my much needed presents, my new thermos mug as I never have a chance to finish my morning coffee before rushing onto the bus. 

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