Friday, 31 May 2013

On the Move (again)

This photo sums up my life at the moment, cramming in all our belongings into the car/van and moving house (again)! 

Back soon xxx 

Monday, 6 May 2013


the sun finally came out and blossoms have sprung all over the garden

finding some old treasures is always a joy

kindly received Orla Kiely Pattern for my birthday 

deserting mountains of coursework to have a sneaky lunch out in the sun 

my birthday treats 

I found this beautiful vintage butterfly pendant in my mum's jewellery box 

Carefully studying my travel guide for an upcoming holiday to Budapest - cant wait! 

A bit of an impulse buy 

painting again 

Having no time to post blogs is rubbish, but its only a few more weeks until I am done with school (argh) and have a long summer to post all about Budapest and Malaysia 

back soon Maisy xx

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

New Season // New Hair

I think it must be the faint hope that Spring is arriving, with the odd flower heads emerging, waking up in daylight and feeling that little bit warmer, that I have decided to get rid of my long bedraggled ends. And as I am useless at describing what I want to my hairdresser I have headed to Pinterest for much needed inspiration! I absolutely love the top image, her sunglasses are incredible, I may have to get some accessories to match my new hair. So my finger's are crossed that a) I can get an appointment and b) it looks just as I am hoping 

buy for now, Maisy x x

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Paris: Eiffel Tower

view of the Eiffel Tower 

So, its pretty difficult to go to Paris without admiring the stunning Eiffel Tower, and it really is mesmerising to see in person. My first glimpse was from Montmartre, it being the tallest point in the city, I was able to see it lit up the evening we arrived and couldn't wait to see it up close. So, my next set of tips revolve around the beautiful eiffel tower...

360 degree views of the city from the Montparnasse 

at the viewing point of Montparnasse 

7. If you are thinking of going up the iconic Eiffel Tower, then be prepared to face very long queues and a bit of a heavy price if travelling on a budget. However, if you fancy having views of the city with the stunning tower in your photo's then I would recommend going to the Montparnasse tower and seeing the city from their 52nd open roof viewing point. It is included on the Paris Pass that I mentioned in a previous post and there was only a few other people there. Sounding too good to be true, its not, but you will have to suffer posing for a cheesy tourist photo on entrance (which you do not have to buy) and the cafe there is extremely overpriced. Apart from these little grievances it was definitely a worthwhile place to visit...

8. At night the eiffel tower really comes to life, and is a must for any photographer out there. We took our cameras and tripod and took the metro to Bir-Hakeim which is almost beneath the tower and walked to the Trocadéro. From Bir-Hakeim you get stunning shots of the glowing structure close up and as you walk across the river to the Trocadéro to capture the entire tower. There is a buzzing atmosphere here at night and I also enjoyed a chocolate crepe to warm me up.  

At certain times the tower completely sparkles with white flashing lights, it is absolutely stunning

more to come soon, maisy xx 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Paris: Tuileries

the aesthetic of Parisienne architecture 

One of the places that we returned to a few times in Paris was the Tuileries gardens. It is in the centre of beautiful buildings such as Louvre, Musee d'Orsay, Musee d'Orangerie, Place du concorde to name a few. It is lovely to escape the metro and walk around in the bright blue skies.

So for my next set of tips... 

the Roue de Paris and the Place du Concorde in the background

one of the bridges hosts padlocks which can be bought to name your loved ones 

outside le musee d'Orsay

4. What museums to see? 
If like me you enjoy visiting art galleries and museums then Paris is the place for you. It is home to so many museums and galleries that it can be difficult to fit them all in. Not only are there a lot but they have vast displays for you to see. A definite must for me were the musee d'Orsay and the musee d'Orangerie both of which are included on the paris pass. 

The Orsay is a beautiful building which used to be a train station, the grand arches now house a stunning collection of sculpture. Unfortunately photography is not allowed inside the museum so I couldn't capture the beautiful setting. There are many rooms to explore in this museum, from paintings to photography spreading over 5 floors. 

The Orangerie is a smaller museum, home to a small collection of paintings. Its true treasure are the two elliptical rooms which display Monet's famous waterlilies. There are 8 in total and they are breathtaking, each brush stroke blurring to create a peaceful scene. 

inside le musee d'Orangerie

gown detail from le musee d'artes decoratives 

4. continued...
Another must for me was the musee de mode et textile, where there is a beautiful display of gowns in great condition. It is quite dark so photo's are difficult to acquire but it is easy to stop and sketch some of the details. The one above was a particular favourite of mine as well as a black gown embellished with copper gilded embroidery.

5. Be aware of...
In busy areas like the Tuileries you may be badgered with a lot of people claiming to get you to sign a petition, be warned they expect a heavy donation too! Also, if someone pretends to pick up a lost item of jewellery, they are probably trying to sell it to you. 

6. If you get the chance
Then grab a chair and enjoy the sunset by the fountains in the Tuileries, unfortunately for us there were no free chairs to be seen. But those that did manage to get some seemed to enjoy the atmosphere 

this little girl sums up the Parisienne style, elegantly walking in the Tuileries

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Paris: Montmartre

view from Sacre Coeur

Ever thought of visiting Paris? Go! 

Last week my mother and I hopped onto the Eurostar for a 5 day trip to the romantic city of Paris, France. It was part of a family tradition that my mother had promised my brothers and I, that when we turned 18 she would take us anywhere we liked (within reason). My brother chose New York, but I chose Paris. 

What made the trip even more perfect was that I had recently got in touch with my Uncle Davy, an artist working in the famous Place du Tetre as well as working on his own projects. When I told him we were thinking of visiting Paris he kindly offered to let us stay in his studio in the heart of Montmartre.

So here are my top tips for a visit in Paris. This post covers Montmartre but there are more to come! 

1. If you are planning on visiting a lot of the museums and sights then book a 'Paris Pass' it will get you into practically everywhere for free as well as allow you to jump the queues in some places. Not just for museums this pass is for all your metro travel, hop on hop off bus, boat trip on the seine and many many more. 

some Parisienne apartments 

2. Where to stay? 

If you have the chance, I would recommend staying in Montmartre home to the famous Sacre Coeur, Le Place du Tetre, where you can get your portraits drawn. Not to mention that many artists flock here to try and capture some of the inspiration of the greats, with Picasso's studio located in the area. The streets remain with the original cobbles and the architecture is simply stunning. It can get a little busy so if you are staying here, get up early and soak up the beauty of Montmartre before the hoards arrive. Montmartre also hosts one of the surviving original art nouveau metro stations. 

metro station Abbesses 

stylish sign in Montmartre

restaurant in Le place du tetre 

3. What to eat?

So, if you are visiting Paris on a small budget then eating out will become a luxury. It is very pricey especially near the tourists sites. My top tip is to go to local supermarkets and/or bakeries. We enjoyed lovely tarts, baguettes and quiches from our local boulangerie. These beauties got me instagraming like mad:

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Busy Bee

eiffel tower source

I think that this past term has been one of the most stressful and jam packed of all, hence my rather long holiday from blogging... Here is what I have been up to: 

  1. I have spent hour after hour cooped up in the Textiles department trying to finish my final piece
  2. In between those hours I have been finishing my art final pieces too
  3. Not to mention the 3,000 word English Literature essay
  4. Attending an interview at Ravensbourne University
  5. Preparing for a portfolio review at Central St Martins
  6. Planning my upcoming trip to Paris

Oh yeah, on Friday my mother and I are going to Paris to celebrate our birthdays. As I type my mind is going over everything I need to do before we go! So, look forward to some blogs from the fashion capital... 

maisy x x